About us

ROBOMATIC Solutions was established at the end of 2018, created by an interdisciplinary team of engineers related to the robotics, industrial and building automation industry. Since then, the company has been constantly developing and since 2022 we have been operating as Robomatic Solutions Sp. z o.o. We gather competences in the field of automation of production processes in the automotive, logistics, metal, electronic, medical, chemical, construction, food and consumer products industries as well as in the field of process and building automation. We use innovative solutions and comprehensively deliver automation installations at the highest level. Thanks to experience and a wide spectrum of knowledge, we achieve solutions with a high level of autonomy and flexibility.

Robotyka i Automatyka przemysłowa i budynkowa - Robot 1

Why us ?





In line with the principle of “minimum supervision”, we try to ensure that our solutions require a minimum of interaction with the operator while maintaining the possibility of full integration with supervisory systems such as SCADA, MES or ERP and maintaining minimum changeover times and service downtime.

SCADA and BMS systems, due to their specificity, are implemented immediately at the client’s premises or, in the case of BMS, during the construction of the facility, as well as in already existing facilities. We provide control systems based on the solutions of leading manufacturers of automation and robotics. The gathering of specialists in the field of robotics, design of control systems, electrical, assembly and software works ensures that the system will meet the highest quality and performance standards. We offer extensive service and post-warranty support individually tailored to the customer’s needs. We also offer a design consulting service throughout Poland in the selection of automation, pneumatic and robotics system components.