SCADA and BMS systems are a guarantee of a full picture of the situation in the hall, plant, office, production lines. Innovative and fully functional monitoring solutions ensure production optimization, an extensive reporting system or even remote control of the production line from the office level, as well as building safety and minimizing energy consumption throughout the plant. Depending on the needs, it is possible to archive and analyze data, all available via workstations, remote access or via a mobile application. SCADA systems in relation to production and BMS operate autonomously, but they can exchange information with each other and react adequately to each other’s events.

SCADA for the machine park:

monitoring of current process parameters

KPI parameters in the production area


alarms and notifications

process visualization

remote control of machines (after recognizing the possibility of integration)

editing of given parameters of production processes

aggregation of selected parameters and events

BMS + SCADA for the facility:


Condition monitoring

Metering of media consumption

Server room security

Access control systems

Fire protection systems

Burglary prevention and protection systems


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